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Tinymoose Pencil Duo

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Turn any Android or iOS device into your notebook!

The Tinymoose Pencil Duo works on both Android and Apple devices.

Our zero lag and anti-skipping technology put it on par with Styluses 5 times its price.

Being creatives ourselves, we have a knack for practicality.

The Duo features a strong magnet that attaches to the top of your iPad or Android Tablet (if available), making sure it is always there when you need it.

The Pencil Duo is designed with comfort in mind.

The TinyMoose stylus hexagonal shape and lightweight design help reduce hand fatigue.

We have equipped the Pencil Duo with a battery that lasts for 10+ hours of usage, and a fast charging time of 1 hour (80% charged in 40min).

Standby time is up to 90 days.

We help keep your creative juices flowing till the last drop!

The Tinymoose Pencil Duo is compatible with the majority of touchscreen devices.



 Product name
 Unique Active Stylus for iPad
 Aluminum Alloy
 Palm Rejection
 Write/Draw/Notes/Touch-Control on iPad 2018 and Later Models
 Lithium-Polymer 140mAh 3.7V / 0.1A
 Charging Port
 Type C
 Working time
 20 hours
 Charging time 
 60 minutes
 Smart Saver
 Auto shutdown after 5 minutes idle
 Length 169 mm / Diameter 8.9 mm / Nib 1.0 mm

How to use

Usage: Make sure your device is in close proximity to the Pen and turned on. Then simply tap the top of the pen to activate. That’s it, you can start using it! No need for those annoying Bluetooth or App connections!


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Customer Reviews

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  • Tinymoose pencil pro Stylus pen Fast Charging time

    Fast Charging

    1 hour for a complete charge, or 80% in about 40 minutes.

  • stylus pen battery performance

    Long Lasting

    Boost Productivity with 10+ hours of usage in a single charge.

  • Tinymoose Pencil Pro Stylus pen palm rejection and tilt functionality

    Cutting Edge

    Enjoy advanced tilt sensitivity and palm rejection.

  • Tinymoose Pencil Pro Stylus Pen comfort design hexagonal shape and lightweight reduce hand fatigue

    Comfortable Design

    The TinyMoose stylus hexagonal shape and lightweight design helps reduce hand fatigue.